Registry Skills and Training

To start training for a career in a registry office today, visit Skills & Training for Alberta Registries.

Many of the courses offered here are also used by other industry professionals such as law firms, banks, real estate agencies, and automobile dealerships.

To find out if you are well suited for a career in a registry office, please read the Registry Clerk Job Description:

Job Purpose: Registry clerks assess customer needs and manipulate databases in order to process over 160 products in the areas of motor vehicles, vital statistics, land titles, personal property and corporate registry on behalf of their employers and Service Alberta.

Duties and Responsibilities: SERVE CUSTOMERS
  • answer over-the-phone enquiries
  • greet customers and offer services
  • identify services required
  • determine whether accredited to provide required service
  • provide information
  • establish customers' eligibility
  • examine customers' documents
  • verify identities of customers
  • assess customers' behaviours and character
  • print requested products
  • review products with customers
  • obtain signatures
  • check work
  • deliver products
  • access appropriate databases
  • navigate in databases
  • access procedural guides/links
  • maintain data integrity
  • locate correct forms and inventory
  • issue products
  • finalize processes
  • calculate fees
  • collect fees
  • apply fees
  • balance financial transactions
Duties and Responsibilities: FOLLOW POLICIES AND PROCEDURES
  • follow policies and procedures for each service
  • explain procedures to customers
  • advise customers
  • apply Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act
  • apply Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)
  • avoid giving legal advice
  • apply fraud and detection procedures and take action as necessary
  • access help
  • store documents and information securely
  • protect individual identification and passwords
  • adhere to employee and agent codes of conduct
  • secure physical workspaces and inventory
  • follow paper/document management protocols
  • present self as professional and friendly to customers and co-workers
  • use resources properly
  • manage time well
  • demonstrate good communication skills
  • manage stress
  • demonstrate ethical conduct
  • work as a member of a team
  • troubleshoot technical problems, e.g., printer jams, system crashes
  • pay attention to detail
  • be caring
  • be assertive
  • work well under pressure
  • respect the confidentiality of sensitive customer information
  • respect public security
  • 18 years of age or older
  • satisfactory Police Information Check
  • high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma
  • post-secondary courses in business, retail and/or computers are assets
Knowledge and Skills:
  • provide customer service
  • conduct needs assessments
  • use computers (email, Internet, Service Alberta databases)
  • find information in policy and procedure manuals
  • follow policies and procedures
  • solve problems
  • speak, read, write and understand English (the ability to speak in other languages used by customers is an asset)
Working Conditions:
  • work in an office environment
  • work at a computer station located at a customer service counter
  • work with the public
  • spend a large portion of the day standing or sitting